Cancer Misdiagnosis and Claiming Compensation

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Although a lot of progress has been made, cancer is still a plague to our society, claiming hundreds of thousands of lives every year; while we manage to successfully fight certain types of cancer, some still remain impervious no matter what we throw at them. There are treatments, medication, surgeries, and countless other methods, but they don’t always work and they don’t always work the same with each person. Some forms of this immunodeficiency disease, like prostate cancer, are still very much deadly, and very rarely the patient manages to survive it. Yet with all our technology and innovations, we still make mistakes regarding cancer, such as cancer misdiagnosis.

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Because of the gravity of this disease, cancer misdiagnosis is a very serious matter, which can lead to great damages for the patient and even death if the illness is not discovered on time. Unfortunately, these mistakes are understandable because there are many forms of cancer and the doctor has to put a diagnosis based on your symptoms, which can sometimes be deceiving; you can even receiveĀ  cancer diagnosis when you are in fact not suffering from this disease. Thus, whether you get a cancer misdiagnosis or are wrongly diagnosed with it, you have the right to compensation.

Medical negligence occurs every day with all sorts of things, but when diseases like cancer are involved, the risks grow higher. If you think you have been misdiagnosed, then perhaps it is time to think about legal representation and making a case for compensation claim. Those who suffer from cancer, but whose doctors fail to identify it, risk leaving their cancer to spread and thus lead to their deaths; if you were told you had cancer but didn’t, you probably suffered major psychological trauma and depression, and in this case you are just as entitled to compensation as anybody else.

In order to make a compensation claim, you must prove that the misdiagnosis caused injury and damage to your person, physically and/or mentally. It must be shown that had you received the correct diagnosis on time, you would have been able to act differently and your health would have been much improved at the time of the claim. It should also be shown that you could have received a different treatment, which would have also helped improve your situation. The type of cancer you or someone else suffers from is also important, because some forms are graver than others; nevertheless, proving damage in court is essential to getting compensation. This is why it is important to find a good solicitor, especially one who specializes in the kind of negligence you suffered. For example, you can try JW lawyers, a very good soliciting firm that specializes in various kinds of medical negligence, but we recommend looking at several firms and discussing with various solicitors before employing one.

Young Caucasian adult woman examining her breast for lumps or signs of breast cancer Young Caucasian adult woman examining her breast for lumps or signs of breast cancer

A good example is breast cancer, which is one of the most common forms of cancer and affects mostly women; this type of cancer is usually diagnosed in women over 50, but younger women can suffer from it too. This is where most misdiagnoses occur with breast cancer sadly, and there can be cases where a person who could have gotten rid of the cancer through surgery lost that chance due to a cancer misdiagnosis. Similarly, cancer of the colon is highly treatable if discovered on time, but it too leads to death if left untreated.

All in all, you need to be very careful about your health and monitor all changes that occur; taking periodical medical exams can save you a lot of trouble, but if you have been misdiagnosed, don’t wait any longer and start preparing your claim, otherwise you may lose the time window when you can still lodge it.

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