Claiming Compensation for Child Trauma

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Western medicine is a powerful and potent science, but it is not perfect, and nor are the people practicing it. Add to that the fact that each case is different from the other and the potential for medical negligence increases, as do the cases for compensation. While it is normal to understand and accept that malpractice still occurs, it is also necessary to understand that those who suffered deserve compensation. But what happens when the subjects of medical negligence are children? How do we deal with child trauma caused by negligence?

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To begin with, because they are minors, child trauma has to be dealt with by the parents; they are the guardians and legal representatives of the child, and they have to stand up for his or her rights. Moreover, when children are traumatized, physically or mentally, by a medical experience, both them and their parents suffer a lot, so damages must be compensated for all of them. All individuals under the age of 18 must be represented by their parents in a negligence claim, but the actual work is done by a medical negligence solicitor who has experience with cases like these.

The sad truth is that each year, thousands of children, perhaps even more, suffer terribly due to medical negligence that causes them injuries, disability, or disfigurement. Many cases of child trauma occur outside the hospital environment, and they can be cause for lawsuits as well, but here we focus on injuries or damages related to the medical world. Children’s bodies are smaller, so the care they receive has to be doubled; operating on a child, for example, is an extremely delicate procedure, because his organs are smaller as well, so any incisions and interventions have to be done with great care and patience, and with a keen eye.

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Even when treating with non-invasive procedures, child trauma can still occur if the physician is not careful; over-dosing can happen, thus worsening the condition of the child or leading to its death. Child trauma can also occur during birth, when using the forceps or ventouse; there have been cases when the doctor misused these tools and affected the baby’s cognitive functions, leaving them impaired for life, or even killing them.

If you or your child have suffered from medical negligence, don’t postpone and start arrangements to claim compensation. You should also be aware that recently, the law has permitted solicitors to charge 25% of the child’s compensation, but if you do some research you can find law firms which don’t do that and just charge a normal fee.

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