Claims for Medical Equipment Failure

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If you have been ill or sick and your recovery was delayed or prevented by medical equipment failure, then you are entitled to compensation and deserve to know your rights. Though we are resilient beings, us humans have our weak points as well, such as our health which can be threatened by a number of factors. That is why we rely on doctors and hospitals to make us better and to cure our afflictions, but when you get out of the hospital sicker than when you got in, then it means something wrong has happened. Medical negligence is something that occurs every day, and while most cases are minor and solvable, others have grave consequences for the patients.

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The law protects consumers, whether they consume food and beauty products, or medication and medical equipment, so if your health has been threatened by malfunction or improper use, then you should discuss with a medical negligence solicitor and see whether you could get compensation. In some cases, you can even file a no win no fee claim, meaning you don’t have to pay your solicitor anything unless you win the case. The production, design and manufacture of medical equipment is very strict and well regulated, but mishaps still occur, and certain manufacturers don’t respect all the standards of quality. In case you suffered from medical equipment failure, you can sue the manufacturer, or the hospital who utilized unsafe resources and thus endangered your life.

Here are some common reasons why medical equipment failure occurs and what it can lead to:

  • damaged drip/ endotracheal tubes;
  • broken, bent or fractured syringe needles;
  • faulty heart monitors;
  • faulty monitor screens or wiring;
  • ineffective sterilization and hygiene procedures;
  • faulty or badly manufactured prosthetics;
  • broken surgery tools;
  • inadequate maintenance of equipment.

When you have decided to file a negligence claim for medical equipment failure, you have to do it as soon as possible, when you can still prove that damage and injuries were caused. You have to show how the improperly used equipment or the faulty equipment led to a worsening of your situation, which cost you time and money and gave you psychological trauma. If the trauma occurred due to a physician’s inattention, then the medical negligence suit has to be directed towards them, and the compensation will be paid by them or the hospital they represent.

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Medical equipment failure has other long-term effects as well, such as the improper maintenance of patient records or the administering of too many or too few drugs for a patient. In some cases, like with peacemakers, a fault in design or manufacture can lead to the patient’s death, so the matter is not to be taken lightly. All in all, if you know you have suffered due to faulty medical equipment, then you need to hire a solicitor and let them help you prepare your case.

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