Dealing with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Most people believe that complex post traumatic stress disorder is something that generally affects soldiers, or people who have been in war zones, crash accidents and other horrific events at a grand scale. But the truth is that everyone of us can suffer from PTSD, and even minor events can trigger it. It is also true that those who go into combat are mostly affected by this, because they see terrible things, they are forced to do terrible things and they fear for their lives constantly. Similarly, being in a car, train or airplane accident can also cause severe PTSD, but even being robbed can affect us psychologically.

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It is said that complex post traumatic stress disorder can occur either immediately after the causing event, but several months later as well. That is why one must be careful about these things, and know how to make the connection between feelings of stress, anxiety, panic attacks, or depression and an event that might have caused them. Children and women are very exposed to this disorder, although it is men who usually have more stressful jobs. For a child however, seeing their parents argue or going through their divorce can really have severe effects over their mental state.

Those who suffer from PTSD have the right to make compensation claims, if indeed there can be found a guilty party for it. If the event causing the complex post traumatic stress disorder was a natural one, then obviously there is nobody to call to justice, but in most cases there is. However, compensation claims for psychiatric reasons are the most complex, partly because they are difficult to explain and prove. Moreover, one can suffer from PTSD as a result of medical negligence, following a botched operation, a wrongful intervention, misdiagnosis, delay in diagnosis leading to delayed recovery and so on.

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Unfortunately, there have been cases of wrong site operation, or wrong limb amputation, events which can leave the patient affected for life and impaired not only physically, but mentally as well. Thus, with the help of a medical negligence solicitor specializing in psychiatric claims and complex post traumatic stress disorder, you can get the justice you deserve, and perhaps even a little peace of mind. No matter how generous a compensation is, it cannot erase the spiritual suffering or make easier the recovery. It can, however, give you some security, some financial stability until you get back on track, so don’t dismiss the possibility.

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