How to Deal with Medical Error

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Medical error is something that cannot be avoided at this point, because, as the poet said, to err is human; doctors are human, and they sometimes deal with tens or hundreds of cases every day, especially those working in emergency rooms. When you have to prioritize and solve multiple problems in a single moment, error can occur. Legally and according to the dictionary, medical error is an adverse effect of care that could have been prevented, which was not intentional; also, it may or may not be obvious and damaging to the patient. All this, together with failure to put a diagnosis, misdiagnosis or wrong treatment of an injury, disease, behavior, syndrome or infection, fall into the category of medical negligence.

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In what follows we are going to focus on medical errors and see how we might deal and cope with them. It can be difficult cu quantify and measure medical error, because this depends on numerous aspects such as the ailment of the patient, how the errors affected their situation, how it could have been avoided and so on. However, it is important to mention that medical errors only refer to those acts which are not intentional, whose final goals are not to hurt the patient. These errors can stem from the best of intentions; the doctor could want to perform a procedure and miscalculate a step, or have a slip of hand; the doctor could inadvertently prescribe the wrong medication, or fail to see the presence of an affliction and consider the patient healthy.

Medical errors can be rated from minor to major, but if you want to receive compensation for them you have to determine causality, which in most cases is difficult, if not impossible. If you feel you have been the subject of medical error, and that that error caused you physical and/or mental damage, then you need to move fast, because there is a window of opportunity to make claims. You will need to get diagnoses from other doctors who could support your claim, and gather other evidence with the help of a medical negligence solicitor.

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Although you may feel that you case was minor and that you needn’t make a claim or submit a report, know that the more information and evidence can be gathered about this phenomenon, the easier it will be for others to manage it in the future, and to quantify it. For example, a recent study showed that medical errors result in 44,000 deaths which could have been preventable each year, and over 1,000,000 excess injuries in the United States alone. And if such a highly developed country has so much to suffer from these errors, then the numbers must be even higher for poorer countries with less developed medical facilities.

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