Misdiagnosis of ADHD – A Common Occurence

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Medical negligence and malpractice doesn’t refer just to the misguided acts of doctors and physicians, but to a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis as well. While claims of misdiagnosis cannot be taken to court unless injury and damage can be proven, as well as a breach of duty on the part of the doctor, it is good to know about them in case we are forced to face such situations. That being said, we are going to talk more about the misdiagnosis of ADHD, which seems to be one of the most common occurrences when a child is misdiagnosed.

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First of all, when a cause has numerous symptoms, coming up with the correct diagnosis in the first attempt is not always possible. Things get even more complicated when you’re looking for diagnosis on mental illness: so many symptoms can mean so many causes and afflictions, that a mental health professional really has to struggle to find the right one. This is one explanation for the misdiagnosis of ADHD, an affliction which, although existing in our society for generations, has only been accepted as official in recent decades. Even so, people are not well-enough informed about its causes and symptoms, and no parent will accept lightly that their child suffers from it.

It is very difficult to interpret someone’s symptoms, especially when there are many of them and some can only be analyzed verbally, by discussing with the patient. For example, a symptom like inattention can be caused by various disorders or illnesses, but it can be easy to give it a misdiagnosis of ADHD without the proper analysis. The doctor is faced with taking little answers from each symptom and trying to make up a bigger truth from all of them. If the inattention is caused by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder but the patient is misdiagnosed with ADHD, the medication he/she is given could definitely worsen their situation.

Misdiagnosis of ADHD Misdiagnosis of ADHD picture

This is one of the reasons why misdiagnosis of ADHD is a very serious matter, and the reason it occurs so often is because both parents and doctors try not to accept that the child will have difficulties learning and adapting to society. But disorders of the mind are grave if left untreated, and they become even graver if treated wrongly; the chemical imbalances that could occur if a child is given the wrong medication can affect him or her for life, and impair their evolution substantially. Medical negligence, even if it is not physical but mental, is just as serious and must be punished; if you suspect you or someone dear has been misdiagnosed, get opinions from other doctors as well and hire a medical negligence solicitor to help you determine whether you can make a compensation claim or not.

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