Negligence Claim for Birth Trauma

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This website is dedicated to bringing you as much information as possible about medical negligence, malpractice and everything else to do with it. Although these cases happen quite often, we almost never hear about them, either because people are ignorant of their own rights or because they may be ashamed to speak out. But if you have suffered from negligence from your doctors, you have the right to lodge claims and possibly even get compensation. In this article we are going to focus on a more delicate subject, namely birth trauma caused by malpractice and how you can make a negligence claim for it.

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Birth trauma can come under many forms, and during your pregnancy you are constantly exposed to doctors and medical treatments that monitor your development. So negligence that can lead to birth trauma can also be a result of inaccurate or incorrect monitoring of your pregnancy, which could lead to failure to recognize certain problems with the pregnancy on time. By not pinpointing an issue on time, the pregnancy can suffer, certain conditions can worsen and the baby’s life is in danger. But the mother can be in danger as well, and there are many things that can go wrong during those delicate months.

Medical negligence leading to birth trauma can also be described as a delayed action or reaction, or as the wrong action taken in a situation, thus resulting in damages for the mother and/or baby. Faulty equipment leading to unreliable results and thus incorrect diagnosis or monitoring can also be considered negligence, as well as over-reliance on ultrasound equipment. Moreover, improper practices during the actual birth, which could lead to damages for the mother and baby are included here as well.

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All this conduct can lead to severe injury, such as the failure to notice early warning signs of birth defects, the installment of pre-eclampsia or maternal diabetes or placental abruption. About all these and many more you can discuss with a medical negligence solicitor, who will help you make a case and lodge claims for compensation. As for birth trauma occurring during delivery, it can take the form of cerebral palsy, head trauma for the baby due to improper use of forceps, erbs palsy, neo-natal death, newborn hypoglycemia and injuries to the mother and her reproductive organs.

Negligence claims receive some of the largest compensations, but unfortunately that is because the damages occurring are some of the worst. If you have been a victim of malpractice and suffered birth trauma, don’t wait any longer and start the proceeds for getting compensation; the moral and physical injury you’ve suffered have to be accounted for.

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