Negligence Claims for Medical Trauma

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Medical negligence is one of those subjects nobody really discusses unless they have to, or unless they have been subjects of it. Although medicine has progressed a lot in the past decades, human and machine errors are still impossible to eliminate completely, and all we can do is try to limit their occurrence. Malpractice can manifest under many forms, and it can range from misdiagnosis to wrong site operation, and it can cause from small injury to death. That is why all cases of malpractice must be recorded, and compensated where possible, so we have a better grip on why and how they occur. Medical trauma is one of them.

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Medical trauma is trauma caused by negligence or inattention, and which could have been prevented. In general, trauma refers to injuries, physiological wounds caused by an external source; it too can range from slight injury to grave damage, the loss of a limb, or death. When caused by a physician, it is considered malpractice and it is a breach of the duty of care medics have for their patients. Trauma cases usually end up in emergency rooms, where doctors always work in stressful conditions and cater to hundreds of patients every day.

Here are some common cases of medical negligence derived from medical trauma:

  • failure to notice fractures, which can result in permanent damage which could have been avoided; these can be pelvic fractures, cervical spine fractures or hand fractures;
  • failure to put a diagnosis, or a delay in diagnosis in children, such as a timely diagnosis of meningitis, which can otherwise cause severe neurological injury or even death;
  • failure to put a diagnosis, or a delay in diagnosis in adults, such as recognizing symptoms of embolus which can lead to death;
  • incorrect management;
  • wrongful diagnosis and discharge, which can lead to a worsening of the patient’s condition; for example, a doctor can diagnose an indigestion and discharge the patient when they in fact suffered a myocardial infarction.
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Medical trauma cannot be avoided always, but it can sometimes be compensated; by hiring legal help, such as a medical negligence solicitor, you can establish what the negligence was, how it caused damage and what is the damage that took place. If all these accounts and more can be proven in a court of law, the patient has the right to compensation which will be established based on the extent of his/her injuries. Some law firms even offer no win no fee compensation claims, meaning you only have to pay them if your case results in success.

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