Risks of Medical Negligence for Pregnancy Ultrasound

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Ever since its invention, the ultrasound has presented numerous advantages for the medical world, helping diagnose a variety of problems and the monitoring of various conditions. The ultrasound is commonly associated with gynecology and obstetrics, because it is used for the monitoring of pregnancies, and an eventual diagnosis. However, relying on its information too much can lead to medical negligence or malpractice, so those who utilize them in their work need to be very careful.

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Because it is a complex medical equipment, the ultrasound has to be handled with care and precision, and the practitioner utilizing it has to be able to correctly interpret the information it shows. A pregnancy ultrasound seems like a routine procedure for pregnant women, but it can sometimes fail us, in which case the practitioner is responsible. All medical equipment is manufactured under strict standards of quality and hygiene, but if they are not properly maintained and utilized they can start malfunctioning, just like any other machinery. Failing to see that during pregnancy ultrasound or otherwise can lead to misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose and recognize a condition which could have been treated or prevented, and many other faults which can cause grave damage to the mother and/or her baby.

Cases of medical negligence resulted from pregnancy ultrasound can include wrongful birth, meaning when the mother was deprived of her chance to terminate the pregnancy because she was not made aware there might be something wrong, an anomaly with her baby. Rather than giving birth to a child who will suffer all his life and won’t be able to live like normal people, it would be better to have the option of terminating the pregnancy. In cases like this, the wronged parties have the opportunity to lodge a claim against the professional or medical institution where the negligence occurred.

This can be done with the help of a medical negligence solicitor, usually one who has experience with this particular sort of cases. In court, the following must be shown and proven in order to demonstrate the need for compensation:

  • The duty of care must be presented;
  • The breach of that duty must be shown, proving it was a failure on the part of the practitioner and that the standard of care was not upholded;
  • The causal relation between treatment – or lack thereof – and injury must also be shown;
  • Finally, a presentation of the extent of damage produced must be proven.
Pregnancy Ultrasound Pregnancy Ultrasound picture

The injuries or damages resulting from a pregnancy ultrasound are many and variate, and every case is unique, so you must be aware that this is just general information meant to help you determine whether you’ve been the victim of malpractice or not. It must also be clear that being subject to an ultrasound is not in itself dangerous, but mishandling it or the information resulted from it can be, and it can have serious consequences over the lives of those involved.

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