Taking Legal Action Against Clinical Negligence

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Every day, people trust their lives into the hands of doctors and hospitals, and every day most of their lives are saved; whilst some deaths are unavoidable, some of them occur as a result of medical or clinical negligence. Of course, medical negligence only rarely leads to death, but it does occur quite often and it affects those subject to it to various degrees. If you think you have been the victim of malpractice, you can claim compensation and receive support for your injuries and damages.

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However, you must first be certain that what happened to you was indeed negligence; it is very common that during a procedure or treatment a patient’s condition can get worse, or more complicated, but in some situations this cannot be avoided. Most cases of clinical negligence are those where the injury or damage could have been prevented, or only occurred due to the professional’s inattention, incompetence, or other factors like exhaustion, stress, the influence of substances. Damages that take place due to negligence are sometimes called “medical accidents”, “patient safety incidents” or “adverse accidents”.

There are many types of clinical negligence, which is why it can be easy to mistake a small mishap for incompetence on the part of your physician and consider them guilty for it.According to medicalnegligence.center, the most common examples of clinical negligence are as follows:

  • misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose or delay in diagnosis;
  • making mistakes during a procedure, operation or surgery;
  • prescribing or administering the wrong drugs;
  • failing to obtain consent for treatments;
  • failing to warn patients about the risks involving a procedure;

Other cases that can be described as clinical negligence are wrong site operation or wrong foot amputation, utilizing unsterilized equipment, not washing hands in between patients and procedures, and other activities which can affect the weakened body and immune system of an ill person. In some cases, a simple infection delayed the recovery of a patient, bringing him/her not only extra financial expenses, but stress and other mental damages.

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That being said, you can always hire a medical negligence solicitor and have them help you build up a case; it is not easy to file a claim, let alone to prove it, but if you remember a detailed account of what happened and can come up with proof, you can receive not only explanations and apologies about what happened, but some financial compensation as well. Doctors have a duty of care in regards to their patients, and bringing them to justice when they do not is in everyone’s interests, so that cases like these can become more seldom.

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