Types of Negligence Cases

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Medical negligence is something which, although rare, is still part of life, and we cannot avoid it because it is an expression of human error. And although we all hope we will never be involved in such a thing, it is still good to know what negligence is all about and how we can react if faced with it. In what follows we are going to list the types of negligence and see what their characteristics are.

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First of all, you need to know that there are numerous types of negligence cases, depending on the nature of the negligence, of the damage and so on. Basically each case is different because you never know what’s going to happen, but the following are some of the more common cases you might encounter:

  • Personal Injury – These types of cases range from common car accidents to job-related injuries, slip and fall injuries and so on. In each case it must be determined who can be found at fault for the injury, and whether it could have been prevented. In accident cases, where at least two cars are involved, the defendant will be the one who caused the accident to happen in the first place. If the accident was caused by irregularities in the road, then the town can be sued for some type of negligence. Job-related injuries and slip and fall injuries are the fault of the employer, who didn’t take enough measures to protect their employees, and the fault of the owner of the place where the slip and fall occurred (for example, supermarkets).
  • Malpractice Cases – These types of negligence cases can be divided into sub-categories, which are:

a) Medical Malpractice: this refers to medical negligence or incompetence on the part of a professional, who acted wrongly and thus caused damage to the patient. You can also divide the cases into sins of omission – things that the doctor omitted or forgot to do – and sins of commissions – meaning the doctor did something they shouldn’t have, or something they should have, but not in the correct manner.

b) Dental Malpractice: although it is basically the same, it falls into a different category because there is a different type of intervention involved. The cases are treated similarly, but dentistry implies a different type of damage done to the patient.

c) Legal Malpractice: cases where a customer was not well represented by a lawyer, or where a sentence was wrongful fall into this category.

d) Malpractice of Other Professionals: Attorneys or other professionals can be mistreated as well, and their claims and cases are part of this category.

  • Products Liability – The last of our common types of negligence cases refers to a company’s release of an unsafe or faulty products, one which can or has harmed people, or which is not safe for the environment. The defect may be in manufacture or design, but a company may also be liable for not displaying the appropriate safety and warning signs on a product. Similarly, releasing products which are expired and put customer’s health at risk is also a liability.
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These are the more common types of negligence cases, and now that you know them you can try to avoid them, but know what to do in case they occur as well. Life is unpredictable, no matter how much we try to make it into a routine, and knowing your rights and obligations for situations like these should be common sense.

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