What is No Win No Fee Compensation Claim?

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Medical negligence is something that occurs everyday, and even though we rarely hear of grave cases, they happen nonetheless. Medical malpractice can lead to an aggravation of the patient’s situation, an increased difficulty of recovery, permanent damages and injuries, and in certain cases, even death. There are more than 1,000,000 cases of extended injury resulted from medical negligence in the United States alone, and tens of thousands of people lose their lives.

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Hospitals do all within their powers to contain infections and maintain hygiene standards, and doctors and hospital staff do their best at their jobs, but nevertheless mistakes happen. Working in a hospital is very stressful and exhausting, so it’s good to start with the knowledge that these things cannot be avoided all the time. In the unfortunate case that you were the victim of medical malpractice, you need to hire a medical negligence solicitor; if so, you might have heard of the no win no fee compensation claim that some companies offer and are curious what it is all about.

A no win no fee compensation claim is a claim that you lodge with the help of a law company and solicitor, and for which you don’t have to pay unless you win the case. This may seem too good to be true, but certain law firms actually offer this opportunity; indeed there may be a catch: the solicitor has to be almost certain that you have a case and that it can be won. Companies who offer the no win no fee compensation claim are usually very competitive, which means they only hire the best lawyers and solicitors. This is an advantage for you because it means you will be represented very well, and an advantage for the company because they know the solicitor will do their best to win the case so they can get paid.

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Proving a negligence claim can be a very difficult task, so whether you are interested in a no win no fee compensation claim or not, you need to get the best solicitor you can afford; they will help you make your case and gather evidence, so you can prove that there was a breach of duty of care, which led to an aggravation of your condition. Yet with this type of offer, you know that your solicitor will do everything in their power to prove your case, otherwise there’s no compensation for anyone. Any medical claims are difficult to prove, even if you have all the evidence necessary, because it can take years to finish preparing your file, and some time after that until your case can be processed by a competent court. By that time, most patients heal, so you could say the impact of their medical claims is diminished.

If you are rejected by a firm who offers no win no fee, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have a negligence claim, but maybe just that it would be difficult to prove in your case. Don’t give up and search for another solicitor, it is your right and you must be compensated. However, if the company agrees working for you quickly, then it means you have big chances of winning big.

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